Finally Made a Drum

So I finally made my own drum. I do not know for how long I have been walking around with the idea of making my own shaman drum, but yesterday I made it happen.

In the summer I met up with Joost from at the Freya festival in de Woeste Wilg in Venhuizen. Joost is a maker of drums. With a small group of people we decided we all wanted to make our own drum so we invited Joost back to de woeste wilg to guide us to make our own drums.
The making of the drums is helped with meditations where for one you meet your drum spirit. In this post I will not go in to detail on how that went for me, but I think for all of us this is going to be the start of a great journey.

My drum is still drying so the sound is not at its best still but I’m already very happy on how it sounds. Below i’ve made a small recording of the sounds. The quality of the recording can be improved but I already wanted to let you meet my drum.

The day it self I only can describe as a fantastic day, with a great group of people. We all made great drums. My drum is made from Horse skin, with the wood of the Maple tree. The drum is basically finished now as a drum, but I know it still needs some additions and modifications. I’m going to use the drum in drumcircels and in healing sessions for my self and others and only future can tell when more this beautifull tool will be used.

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