Hi there, and welcome to my website.

I’m Gunther Horn, and I’m now 49 years old. I live with my Girlfriend, my 2 kids, a couple of cats and a small chihuahua, in Hoorn-NH.

On this website I’d like to show and tell you about a couple of my hobbies. As this is a complete new setup of my website, i’d like to start with one category, and then when the time comes build from that. For the moment also due to some upcoming activities i’m going to start with Photography. When i’m happy with that setup, the other categories will follow as well.


Since I was a young kid of 10 years old, I started playing the organ. In time I also started playing Keyboards and Piano. I found that in the beginning that I enjoyed the massive sound the organ could give me, but nowadays I more enjoy the more simple sounds.


I like to go out with my Pentax K5 DSLR. I do not specialize in any particular area of photography, but I like to bring my camera on most trips I go on, and if I did not bring my camera of course the mobile is the second best choice.


I started running since the beginning of 2022. So I’m still a real beginner. At the moment I don’t fixate on running times at all, but more on walking correctly, and building endurance. I am currently being trained by the trainers of fit4iedereen.


Spirituality is a wide concept. It is something that basically can not be boxed. This is also for me a fact. every time I think I know about Spirituality something completely new comes up. It is much MUCH more than being zen or meditating all day