Just a picture of me
Just Me!

Welcome to my site

Hi there and welcome to my online web presence. Here I want to show you my hobbies, and tell you little about my self and my family.

About me and the family

As you could have guessed from the URL my name is Gunther Horn and me and my girlfriend live together with our 2 kids in Hoorn in The Netherlands. We are basically all very creative in one way or the other, and via this website you will be able to (not yet) continue to continue to the family’s other websites.

My hobbies

Well I have multiple hobbies I like to spend time on and if I do all there would not be enough time left to go to work.


I’d like to go on trips with or without the family and take some time to photograph the surroundings. I mainly focus on scenery, portrait and animal photography, but sometimes I get lucky with a random good photo.


I’ve been playing keyboards and organ now on and off for at least 30 years. What and how I’m going to show this to you I still need to figure out.

On and off line

I’m active on multiple social media platforms. find out when and were on my on and off line section.


Lots to tell you about the way I work with and interact with spirituality.

Me and the family

Sure there might be things, not covered by the other sections. This will be like the anything else section.