Welcome to My Corner of the Web:

Hi everyone, Gunther here. At 50 years old, I’m navigating life in Hoorn-NH with my lovely girlfriend, two energetic kids, some curious cats, and a lively chihuahua. This website is my platform to share my diverse interests, one category at a time. Currently, with exciting ventures approaching, I’m focusing on Photography. Once I’m satisfied with this section, other hobbies will surely join the lineup.

A lifetime of music

My musical journey began at 10, with the powerful sound of the organ. Over time, keyboards and pianos rounded out my musical repertoire. While I initially relished the organ’s grandeur, I now gravitate towards more subtle melodies.

Capturing the world with my Camera’s

My Pentax K5 DSLR is my trusted companion on various adventures and trips. I wouldn’t call myself a specialist photographer, but I enjoy capturing memorable moments along the way. And if I leave my camera behind, my smartphone serves as a capable backup. and now recently added the nice Canon R50 also for Video.

Running for well-being

Since 2022, I’ve been exploring the world of running, making me a relative beginner. Right now, I’m concentrating on building endurance and developing proper form, rather than focusing on speed. The supportive team at fit4iedereen has been instrumental in guiding me on this journey. But sadly I had to stop for a while due to a broken kneecap.

Exploring spirituality

Spirituality is a vast and multifaceted concept, defying easy categorization. It’s an ongoing exploration for me, with new discoveries constantly emerging. It’s much more than simply achieving zen or meditating endlessly.

As I build this photography section and unveil other passions in the future, I invite you to join me on this exploration. Stay tuned!