Behind the Scenes at the Paris Olympics with Vislink!

Stock Photo of the eiffel towerThrilled to be Heading to Paris for the Olympics with Vislink!

This summer, I’m joining the Vislink team at the Paris Olympics! We ensure their cutting-edge video transmission equipment operates flawlessly, bringing the Games to life for viewers worldwide.

Our team will set up cameras at key locations across Paris. We’ll capture the drama from iconic landmarks like Pont Alexandre III and the Stade de France, as well as the electrifying atmosphere at the TV Tower, Bercy Arena, and La Défense Arena.

But that’s not all! Numerous broadcasters are involved in the Olympics. Our clients will bring their own interview equipment to capture close-up shots of athletes and follow the action.

Going Behind the Scenes: Capturing the Unseen Heroes

There’s another exciting aspect to my role. Beyond ensuring our equipment runs smoothly, I’ll also be going behind the scenes to capture the behind-the-scenes magic of the Olympics, focusing on the people who make it all happen: the technicians, engineers, and the Vislink team themselves. This includes not only the human heroes but also the crucial equipment, like encoders, decoders and mobile transmission units, in action at locations you wouldn’t normally see.

This footage will showcase the unseen side of the Olympics – not just the human heroes, but also the crucial equipment like encoders and decoders. All this content will be used for Vislink’s marketing materials and social media.

I’m incredibly excited to be part of this global event. It’s not just about the technical side, but also witnessing the dedication and teamwork that make the Olympics a reality.

With any free moments, I hope to be able to attend an arena checking out the Dutchies crush the competition. Then, during the medal ceremonies, I’ll hope it’s possible to be there soaking up the celebratory energy, raising a toast (or two!) to the Dutch athletes celebrating their gold medals!

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