My Spirituality

Let me tell you a story, my story on how my spiritual connection evolved over the years. And how it shaped me to who I am today.

The younger me

Before 1985

I do not remember this my self but as a little kid, I would tell my parents about all kinds or material used in WWI and WWII. I could laugh when I was watching a movie about these wars and I saw material that was not at all used in that place or time. Nowadays I almost have no recollection on war material at all Sure I know a Spitfire from a Messerschmitt, but that is about it. I was born quite some time after WWII. My parents both lived in WWII and from their memory they could confirm my thoughts. Nowadays I do not know anything anymore about war-gear, and all this happened before I was 10 years old.

Before 2000

I had a tough time in school, but I managed. Through the years I was getting better and better in reading peoples energy. I could see or even sense from a distance how their state of mind was, and if Kids or teachers were up to ‘no good’. I could prepare my self for what ever was coming, or make ways. At that time I thought everybody could do this, and every body could see like this, so I thought that was normal.

Then in time I learned that this was weird. because why were they up to no good, If I knew before they were even executing their plans. That did not stop me using what I could see, but it did make me more cautious, especially in groups of people.

The New millennium

I was working at an IT company in Amsterdam, where I was introduced to the book “The Celestine Prophecy” written by James Redfield. In this book I recognized so much. It was a real eye opener for me that I was not the only one who did this, or who could see things I could.

I read the complete series, because there is also a 10th insight and the secret of Shambala. But still this did not complete things for me. Then I knew I was exploring a spiritual journey.

Playing with live-energy

I started working with the live-energy. I learned Reiki, multiple techniques, Magnetic healing. But still. Working with Ki or Chi this way did not feel natural to me, and I still felt this is not the natural way. The universal Ki energy level gets raises in time. In my beliefs and experience I was playing with Chi on a much higher level of vibration.
The more I was playing with Chi, the more I started using it in combination with my intuition, and the more natural and in tune it started to feel.

And the time is now

Nowadays I’m consciously, traveling on my path of spirituality, Learning and practicing where I can. I know new teachers will show me new paths when the time is right, and I will be the teacher to who ever wants to learn.

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