Petri - Pentax CameraI must have been a teenager when i was with my parents on vacation near the coast of the Netherlands, and it was there where I basically got my hands on my first Pentax camera. My father had to stop working and to keep busy he wanted to take up photography as a hobby. He made some fine shots, but in never actually took off. At some point in time when I moved out the suitcase with his camera gear just moved with me.

Then in the years that followed I had a range of smaller point and shoot camera’s that was o.k. made lots of shots. but somehow I still wanted to get me a reasonable DSLR.

Pentax K100d CameraIn 2013 I was in Brighton with my family and at a Carbooth Sale I saw 2 boxes between the teacups and cuddly-bears 1 box contained a Pentax K100d, and the other box the standard Kit-lens. The boxes were complete, and even contained the original receipt from 2007. The lady behind the stand could not tell me if the camera was ok. but for 45 pound it was mine.
I Bought a new memory card, inserted batteries and made some test shots, and found all images were BLUE. Bit mad, that I had spent that money on something that basically did not work, I made the choice to do a complete factory reset, to start all over again.  THAT WORKED!. From that moment on the pictures came out fine.

Pentax K-5 with GripLater on my way home to the Netherlands I remembered the suitcase from my father on the attic, and those manual lenses he had. After some Googling i found out that all his old lenses were very much usable with my K100D.

Made Lots and Lots of photos and joined photoclub About a year later I upgraded my camera to the Pentax K5, and I am still using that today.

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