Hola, yo soy Gunther

I travel to and from work about an hour by bus. I used to watch Netflix or Disney+ or something else, but for a while this did not work anymore. I got bored. So I was thinking what else to do.

For my work I’ve got two colleagues working in Mexico. One of them is Mexican, and the other one is a Dutch guy who married his Mexican girlfriend, and moved to Cancun, (of all places).

My Spanish at the moment is very bad, and I can not even express my self using the Spanish the swearing words. So I decided that I wanted to learn at least a bit of Spanish.

  1. As I get older it seems to be good brain-training
  2. You never know when you are going to need it. (they say many people speak this language.)

Last week I started to use the Duolingo app and until now it’s actually really fun, and before I know it I’m at my work or already home. So who knows in time I’ll post in Spanish..


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