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Gunther is à real teamplayer and was always helpfull in helping other people.
Gunther known his business and priorities, and was to me always a nice and motivating colleague to work with.

Jacob Kouwenhoven
Michael Ives

I had the pleasure to be looked after by Gunter and his team while doing some complex projects for my former employer. Without his local knowledge and contacts i would have not been successful in delivering my services to my customers. Experience, attitude and ability to provide ‘above and beyond’ service were memoriable attributes of Gunter’s work for me.

Michael Ives
Erwin Faijdherbe

Gunther is a hard worker and knowledgeable.

He supported the internal end-users of the HP Customer Support Center excellently.

Gunther is very service-minded. He has a good understanding of technical aspects as well as IT Service Management.

Erwin Faijdherbe

I worked extensively with Gunther whilst providing communication solutions within the financial industry. This environment by it’s nature was extremely pressured and required a can do – NOW! – attitude.

Gunther proved time and again that he has that attitude and, allied with an extensive technical knowledge, quickly became a valuable contact/asset to my company. I enjoyed working with Gunther and knew that I could rely on him as my remote hands, eyes, knowledge centre. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gunther for any post in our field.

Jim Toth
Linda Baidenmann-van der Heide

I remember Gunther as a very enthousiastic and helpfull collegue, while working together for the Bloomberg account. I have enjoyed working with him!

Linda Baidenmann-van der Heide