The Eyeopener.

Spirituality had no definition for me for a long time. I think it was arround the year 2000 that for me came clear that there was more to life, than just the fysical things I could see, hear, smell, touch, or taste.

Celestine Prophecy

I happened to find James Redfield‘s book, ‘the celestine prophecy’. Reading the book I found so much recognition compared to my own life and what I experienced my self. For me personally it was the start of my spiritual awakening. I found out that some things i found for granted, were not so for orher people.

When I was a kid still, in kindergarden, and later in primary school I could ‘see’ in other kids how they felt, and what they were basically up to. I did not understand why they were sometimes mean to others, and do stuff that they were not supposed to. I was sure they all saw the same things I did see and feel. As no one talked about this, I kept it to my self as wel.

In the following years

Since then I started reading more, and followed trainings on Reiki, and so on but even with all the spiritual teachers that tried to ‘train’ me, i could not find THE THING I was looking for. Somehow I did not fit in all of those trainings. Sure they helped me a lot, and made a great difference in my personal development. I’ve found out the best teachers are personal practice and time.

Wat will I share here

I will try to show you my own experiences, and my own findings. I’m not going to tell you what or how you should experience things or feal things, I hope to get you started or on the way¬† for your next step in Spiritual Exploration.

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