7 Kilometer Run-Bike-Run training

Monday evening our trainer Ruud had set out a 7 kilometer Run-Bike-Run training for me and a couple other runners from fit4iedereen. In this training you change running and riding a bike to catch your breath again, and to lower your heart rate. This way you build up stamina, to run longer and longer.

Our start and end point for this run was the city hall of Hoorn. The first part that I ran felt a bit heavy, and was not that easy to do, but the second part already felt more comfortable to run. The last section I even felt i could improve a bit more on speed, although that might not really show in the stats,. Al in all the lap in total was exactly 7 km, and according to my fitbit I ran for 3,7 km. The longest distance I ran between biking was about 1,5 km. That is now the longest distance i have done so far.

This Wednesday we’ll have another training in Hoorn where the focus more on strength an durability.

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