Sam Smith / Stay with me

Stay with me. By : Sam Smith     [Opening] Am7 F C Am7 F C [Verse 1] Am7 F C Guess it’s true, I’m not good at a one-night stand Am7 F C But I still need love cause I’m just a man Am7 F C These nights never seem to go to plan […]

coldplay clocks

Clocks / Coldplay

Clocks By : Coldplay     Transpose : +1 [Intro] Piano Riff: D Am Am Em (x2) [Verse 1] D Am Am Em Lights go out and I can’t be saved, tides that I tried to swim against D Am Am Em Brought me down upon my knees, oh I beg I beg and plead […]


Ik zou zo graag / Jurk

Ik zou zo graag By : Jurk     JURK! Zou Zo Graag Am Am/G Am/F# Am/F Ik zou zo graag twee armen vinden Am Am/G Am/F# Am/F Die me lang en lief omhelzen zouden Am Am/G Am/F# Am/F Maar alle armen die ik vind Am Am/G Am/F# Am/F Omhelzen niet zoals de jouwe Ik […]


The A team / Inge

The A team By : Inge   Transpose : +2   [Verse 1] G White lips, pale face D Em Breathing in snowflakes C G Burnt lungs, sour taste G Light’s gone, day’s end D Em Struggling to pay rent C G Long nights, strange men [Pre-Chorus] Am And they say C She’s in the […]